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Welcome to Olive Tree Yoga Dublin

I have been offering yoga, meditation and movement classes and workshops, both private and public, since 2004.

I am passionate about the practice and although I’ve been through ups and downs since I began my own practice and then began teaching others, I’ve never lost my love for it. I’ve done and continue to do lots of training because I’m always open to new ideas and the latest scientific research, but essentially, I’m a yoga and meditation practitioner and I share what I’ve learned thus far, in classes and workshops. I don’t take life too seriously and I hope I offer something true and worthwhile in my classes. In turn, I’ve learned so much from people in my classes; about different bodies, different minds…

I enjoy teaching in a variety of settings, in studios, schools, rehab centres, colleges…wherever and whomever I’m teaching, I love it. Private classes for individuals and groups are a mainstay of my work, please contact me for negotiable rates. For current public classes and trainings, please check the pages on the website for bookings. I offer excellent value Monthly Memberships for committed class goers and long expiry passes for those who need flexibility and can’t attend every week.

If you have any queries about classes, yoga or would like to book a private class, just call  (086) 7941624 or email olivetreeyogadublin@gmail.com

Estelle Birdy

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The olive tree symbolizes bringing goodness to a particular place. Tranquility, nourishment and peace may be found wherever it grows