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    Hatha Yoga Classes At The Olive Tree Studio Dublin Are Fun, Relaxing, Challenging And Meditative

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Dublin

Hatha Yoga is, officially, any kind of Yoga that involves physical postures for building flexibility and strength.

Nearly all Yoga, in the West then, falls under the Hatha Yoga umbrella.

Unofficially, however, Hatha Yoga has come to describe a reasonably gentle, less aerobic form of Yoga class.

What should you expect from a Hatha Yoga Class at The Olive Tree Studio?

Yoga Classes Dublin

Hatha Yoga At The Olive Tree Studio With Fully Trained and Experienced Teachers

  • Physical work will involve some stretching and strengthening asanas or postures
  • You should expect to work with your breathing to control and harness the body and mind’s energy(Pranayama)
  • Some Hatha Yoga classes may be quite energetic, so check with your teacher beforehand to see whether the class is likely to suit your level and experience
  • You will be guided into and out of all postures and  breathing and meditation techniques by an experienced and fully trained teacher
  • Wear comfortable clothes, in which you can stretch and move easily
  • Expect a period of relaxation at the end of the class with informal or formal meditation work

Classes normally involve some physical posture work, (either flowing or more static), Pranayama,(energy control through breathing techniques), and relaxation/meditation. Some Hatha Yoga classes will be emphasise muscular work, while others will emphasise fascial work and stretching.

Talk to the teacher before hand to check whether the class is likely to suit your level and experience. At the Olive Tree Studio we have a number of Hatha Yoga classes in Dublin 8 throughout the week, daytime and evenings. Hatha Yoga classes at The Olive Tree Studio are taught by all of our Yoga Teachers, in one form or another.