15 Grantham Street (Off Camden St) Dublin 8

East Meets West Fascial Yoga Workshop Dublin Sep 6th

SONY DSCYoga Workshop Dublin

Estelle Birdy of Olive Tree Yoga Dublin presents a Yoga Workshop in Dublin @ The Olive Tree Studio Dublin focusing on sensing into the Fascial System of the body. We will focus on sensing this part of the body and explore whether this system is where Eastern Medicine and physical practices meet modern Western medicine and physical practices.

We will explore how to move through the Fascial System, using techniques from Fascial Fitness, (Dr Robert Schleip) and MELT Method(Sue Hitzmann) and applying these to our Yoga Practice.

This will be the first of two Yoga Workshops in Dublin on this area of the Fascia. This first workshop will focus on the modern Western view of Fascia, while the next workshop will focus on the Eastern view of Nadis, Meridiens and the bodily sheaths.

These two workshops are designed to work together to bring us to a new understanding of the Body/Mind and what we can learn from new Western understandings, the second, looking at how ancient Eastern understandings meet these Western ideas right now and how we can bring this into our daily lives and yoga practice.

Who will this suit? Anyone with some yoga experience. Those  people who want to bring natural ease of movement from the yoga mat into their everyday lives. Particularly suited to those with sports/fitness induced injuries or those just interested in finding out more about their own bodies and minds.

Date: Sat 6th Sep 10.00am-1.00pm

Investment:  One Workshop 35 Euros PP

Two Workshops 60 Euros PP

Please contact Estelle with any queries 086 7941624 or email olivetreeyogadublin@gmail.com

Estelle Birdy has been teaching yoga in Dublin and elsewhere since 2004. She trained with Irish School of Yoga, (2 year teaching Diploma) and Yoga Therapy Ireland, (1 Year Post Grad Diploma). She has added to her professional experience in the intervening years. Her area of special interest at present is in the Fascial System and how working with this system can bring pain relief and aid smooth comfortable movement at all stages of life. To this end, she has trained in the MELT Method with Sue Hitzmann in Chicago and Fascial Fitness with Dr Robert Schleip of Ulm University in Munich. She is recently returned from London where she attended a Dissection Course at Charing Cross Hospital with Gary Carter of Natural Bodies London.