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Why A Yoga Class

Why a Yoga Class? You might have heard it said that real yoga practice happens on your own mat? It’s indeed true that you will, through self-practice, get to really change yourself, (both body and mind), for the better.
It’s also true that there is now an excellent range of Yoga books, DVD’s and Online Tuition available for the enthusiastic yoga beginner and the committed yoga master. Self-practice is hugely important, especially for Yoga teachers. However, there are very real dangers in only practicing alone. Bad yoga habits can be reinforced. Your Yoga alignment might be off and you may not notice. There is something so wonderful about learning new things from a skilled yoga teacher. There is something extra wonderful about having a skilled yoga teacher adjust your alignment, suggest new ways of doing old postures.


Furthermore, there’s the social aspect of a yoga class. While you should be turning your attention inwards during the class, there’s still something fun and uplifting about sharing Yoga practice. There’s something warm and fuzzy about seeing that you’re not the only one who finds a posture difficult. There’s just something good about being with other people doing yoga. Simple.
At The Olive Tree Yoga Studio, we provide Yoga Classes, Dance Classes, Martial Arts Classes, Meditation Classes and Pilates Classes for Adults and Children in Dublin City Centre. Our greatest assets are our teachers. We provide our Yoga classes in a beautiful calming studio. We keep our Yoga class numbers small, for personal attention. You can be assured that our Yoga teachers are committed to yoga and to bringing the very best of yoga skills to the discerning Dublin yoga practitioner.

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