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MELT Method

Currently, Olive Tree Studio Dublin is the only location in Ireland where you will find fully trained MELT Method instructors. MELT, (Myofascial Elongation Technique) Method, developed in the US by Sue Hitzman, is a self care, hands off bodywork technique. Working in the body’s Fascia System, the practitioner uses small balls and rollers to gently stimulate and lengthen the fascial tissue. MELT Method

The techniques are simple and easy to learn and can render the practitioner pain free with practice. Back pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, strains and sprains of all kinds can all be assisted and eventually eliminated with practice of these simple, gentle techniques.

At The Olive Tree Studio, MELT Method Workshops & Classes are offered by Estelle Birdy & Kirsten Farrelly.


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