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Why a Yoga Workshop

Why A Yoga Workshop? Regular yoga classes are fantastic if you have a well trained and mindful teacher. Those regular yoga classes will keep you tuned up and tuned in. However, a once or twice weekly yoga class doesn’t afford you the opportunity to go deeper and explore yoga in a very personal way. This is where Yoga Workshops in Dublin come in. In your hour long, (or 90 minute), yoga class, there is rarely time to focus deeply on a particular yoga posture,(Asana), breathing practice, (Pranayama), or Meditation. There may be some time for feedback and discussion at the end but most yoga classes in Dublin give you the opportunity to practice with a helpful teacher in a safe setting but not that little extra bit of personal attention and focus. Yoga Workshops give you the opportunity to go deeper. They are usually longer than the average Dublin Yoga Class, (2 hours plus). Yoga Workshops usually focus on a particular aspect of yoga. Perhaps, breaking down particular postures, focusing on breathing or sets of postures e.g. arm balances.



Some Yoga Workshops will be focused on particular interest groups. For example, yoga for sports people, yoga for healing, restorative yoga or yoga for menopause. At The Olive Tree Yoga Studio, we offer a range of Yoga Workshops. Sometimes introducing new and interesting styles of yoga to a Dublin audience, e.g. Yin Yoga and Shadow Yoga. Sometimes focusing on particular interest groups, e.g Yoga for Martial Arts Practitioners and Healing Yoga for Natural Mothers.
At The Olive Tree Studio, our best assets are our teachers. All of our teachers are dedicated yogis. They are fully trained and insured but more importantly, they are dedicated to yoga. Yoga is not a hobby, it is their life. If you choose to attend a Yoga Workshop, ( or any of our Workshops), be assured that you will be given full attention. You will have the opportunity to get deeper into your Yoga practice and perhaps have that small time-out which might make all the difference to your daily life.



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